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January 28, 2022

Lovers of black are people who enjoy having power and control over things as well as in life. They value their privacy and enjoy keeping private life private. To people they appear to be mysterious. They maintain their self-control with ease which enables them to control any situation.

These people are focused and detail-oriented. Those who love black are generally determined and pro-active and wish to get things done quickly and well. People who like black are impressive and dignified, they are sophisticated and elegant but don’t like to show off and be ostentatious. They are often artistic and intuitive.

 Dos and Don’ts with Black

  • Black color enhances a person’s look by making him or her slimmer. So don’t go for black if you already have slim body.
  • Black can be used with any bright color to enhance its look and color
  • Black always gives a feeling of perspective and depth

Emotional Triggers for Black Color

  • Mysterious
  • Elegance
  • Formality
  • Sophistication
  • Drama

 Interesting facts:

  • Burn Black candle for casting out negativity influences and absorbing negative energies from your environment
  • Black color can protect a person from any evil eye and negative influences.
  • Wearing a black kajal not only enhances once beauty but also protects from harmful energies.

 Your favorite color is a great indicator of the way you see life and of your attitude towards the world.   Understanding your favorite color can be a great tool to know more about yourself: your favorite things, but also your flaws, your temper and your constellation of traits.

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