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If Yellow is your favorite colour

Those who love yellow are more logical and orderly in life. They love to express themselves through their logical thinking and enjoy creating new ideas.

Yellow is the color of wisdom and people who like the color yellow tend to associate themselves with scientists, developers and other analytical thinkers. These people normally have good memory power. They love precision and will not appreciate beating around the bush. They are Perfectionists and Dreamers in nature

  Dos and Don’ts with Yellow

  • The color yellow can cause nausea, so it is avoided in airplanes.
  • Yellow increases your appetite. It is a good color for enhancing kitchen décor
  • Parents can use Yellow plates to serve food for those children who have less appetite.

  Emotional Triggers for Yellow Colour

  • Friendliness
  • Happiness
  • Confidence
  • Optimistic
  • Enthusiasm

 Interesting Facts:

  • Burn Yellow color candles if you want to improve concentration. It heightens visualization abilities and stimulates the conscious mind.
  • Yellow is associated with a memorable color that is why basic sticky notes come in yellow color.
  • In Japan, the color yellow is associated with courage

If Black is your favorite colour

Lovers of black are people who enjoy having power and control over things as well as in life. They value their privacy and enjoy keeping private life private. To people they appear to be mysterious. They maintain their self-control with ease which enables them to control any situation.

These people are focused and detail-oriented. Those who love black are generally determined and pro-active and wish to get things done quickly and well. People who like black are impressive and dignified, they are sophisticated and elegant but don’t like to show off and be ostentatious. They are often artistic and intuitive.

 Dos and Don’ts with Black

  • Black color enhances a person’s look by making him or her slimmer. So don’t go for black if you already have slim body.
  • Black can be used with any bright color to enhance its look and color
  • Black always gives a feeling of perspective and depth

Emotional Triggers for Black Color

  • Mysterious
  • Elegance
  • Formality
  • Sophistication
  • Drama

 Interesting facts:

  • Burn Black candle for casting out negativity influences and absorbing negative energies from your environment
  • Black color can protect a person from any evil eye and negative influences.
  • Wearing a black kajal not only enhances once beauty but also protects from harmful energies.

 Your favorite color is a great indicator of the way you see life and of your attitude towards the world.   Understanding your favorite color can be a great tool to know more about yourself: your favorite things, but also your flaws, your temper and your constellation of traits.

Magical powers of Water

Water is magical …. yes, you read it correctly, Water is, quite literally, a magical substance. Water makes Earth a living planet. Water is the softest and flexible yet most healing substance on earth.
“A drop of water, if it could write out its own history, would explain the universe to us.” – Lucy Larcom

Existence of water

Water is everywhere but no one knows how long it has been on earth. Where in the geological survey suggests that 70% of the earth’s surface is covered with water. Water also exists in the air as water vapour, in rivers and lakes, in icecaps and glaciers and inside the body of all living creatures. The human body holds 75% water and our brain is 80 to 85% water. Our very existence is dependent on water. We can live without food for some days but without water, we won’t be able to survive for long.

Water holding memories
Scientists have proven that water has memories. As our brain holds 80 to 85% water. Needless to say, our brain has all the memories. Even from our past lives, we can all trace it down with the right kind of procedure and under the right circumstances. Past live regression and hypnotherapy are a few therapies used in bring memories of past lives or incarnations.

Water and its healing properties
Water is a dynamic substance and is an elemental manifestation of balance and versatility. Water acts as a catalyst and can help heal different ailments. Healing is the process of the restoration of balance within a system of interconnected elements. water has tremendous healing potential for the human mind, body and spirit. Dietitians suggest adults should consume 4 litres of water daily for healthy living.

Water also has psychological healing properties. A person visiting a water body for example any lake, riverbed or seashore can easily ease out his tension and feel refreshed. Even having a hot water bath can make a tired person refreshed in no time.
Since ancient times water treatment has been the most effective, easy and affordable way of combating illness, and injury and a way to relieve little stress.

How to energise water
Water gives energy and helps in keeping our bodies healthy and free from diseases. If we energy our drinking water it can bring us more benefits in terms of health and energy. Let’s discuss some of the ways of energy our drinking water.

Mantra Chanting
In Indian culture, we give spiritual importance to water and associate our rivers with Goddess as they nurture lives near river beds and help sustain livelihood. The age-old tradition of Ganga Arti is an example of our paying gratitude to the goddess Ganga and seeking her blessing. In mandir, we find holy water also called charnamrit, water obtained by giving baths to deities while chanting mantras and prayers. Mantra helps to relieve our minds from stress and reduce anxiety. When these mantras are done over water it uplifts the properties of water making it healing water. Consuming healing water helps in destroying all the diseases and unlimited troubles. Helps in resolving many health issues.

The procedure of making energized water with mantra and prayers

Sit in a comfortable posture
Keep a glass of water in front of you
Chant your favourite mantra
Choose your mantra, prayer or affirmation as per your need
For health issues chant maha mrityunjay
For overall well-being chant Gayatri mantra
Do any mantra for 21 or 108 times
Now drink this water
Or you can give this water to any person who needs healing

This is a very old and ancient way of energizing water with mantra, affirmations and prayer

Energizing it with metals (Gold, silver and copper)
Metals have therapeutic potential and when combined with water they provide amazing health benefits. We have been using metals in the form of ornaments since ancient times as it has always benefited and supported our system. In ancient times people use to throw coins which were made of copper, gold or silver in the water saying it will bring Goodluck to them but in the process they were contributing to water cleaning and the emerging process.
• Metal-charged water is good for
o Strengthening nervous system
o Increase memory & intelligence
o Increase stamina
o Liver and spleen disorders
o Stress and mental tension
Process of making Metal charged water
• Take a copper vessel or stainless-steel vessel or even an earthen pot
• Put all metals gold 15grams / silver 30grams/ copper 60grams.
• It should be borne in mind that all metals put in the water are thoroughly cleaned
• Boil away 25% of water and retain 3 out of 4 glasses of water after boiling.
• Filter this water, keep it in thermo and drink lukewarm.

For centuries, healers have been using crystal-infused water as a natural elixir to promote spiritual and physical health. Crystals have specific healing properties. To make a natural elixir, a selection of the right crystal is required. It is always advised not to put crystals directly inside the water but rather charge the crystals by programming them and placing them around or near water to bring maximum benefit.

Herbs have their medicinal properties and when infused with water make it herbal elixir or Ayurvedic herbal water and are the solution to many problems. Many herbs can be used to energize water adding to its benefits. Some are Mint, Lemon, Ginger, Tulsi, cinnamon and cucumber and not only herbs but fruits can also be used to make infused water.

Process of making Herbal water
• Take a glass pitcher
• Fill it with water
• Add herbs for example (Mint, Lemon. Ginger, and cumber)
• Add all the herbs after washing them thoroughly
• Let it stay for a few hours
• It is ready for consuming

Reiki symbols

Reiki is a form of energy healing it is practised by Reiki practitioners channelling the life force energy for healing purposes. They charge water by using symbols, prayers and intentions using that water for various healing processes.

Water can be used to manifest your desires and intentions. Water can even help in getting answers if you find yourself stuck in a situation. The simple process of doing
Sit in a meditative state calming your mind
And think of the question you want to get the answer for with the glass full of water.
Keep thinking about your question till the time you feel you have completely conveyed the question to the water, drink water from the glass leaving half.
Keep it beside your bed the next day drink that remaining water. Do this process couple of days or till you get your answers.
You can answer in your dream, someone will help you find answers, from a book, from a signboard or various signals from the universe, just need to be observant.
Caution: should think of one question at a time and don’t change your question.

Thank you

One simplest way of changing the vibration of water in any given situation is by saying the simple yet powerful word THANK YOU. This powerful word has amazing powers to make your water magical dissolving any negativity it might be holding due to any reasons will all convert into and powerful healing elixir

Colour bottle water therapy
Our body has seven chakras (energy centres) of our body and each chakra is associated with different colours. In Atharva Veda sages of ancient India have discovered unique vibrations of each colour which could help heal ailments.
colour red – Muladhara (root) chakra
orange– swadisthana (sacral) chakra
yellow – Manipura (solar plexus) chakra
Green– Anahata (heart) chakra
Blue – vishuddhi (throat) chakra
Indigo – Aagya (third eye) chakra
Violet – Sahasrara (crown) chakra
Each chakra is related to specific gland, a proper use of color helps heal the body ailment concerned. Water when kept in these colour bottles absorbs the vibration of colour and help in facilitating the healing process. For example, blue affects the pineal gland and green helps treat pituitary problems.
Best way to make healing water with coloured bottle
• First choice which colour vibration is required
• Find that colour bottle or wrap a cling foil of that colour over the bottle
• Fill a coloured glass bottle three-fourth with water
• Keep it under sun for a day
• Healing water is ready for consumption

Benefits of Drinking healing or energies water
Water is the complete elixir for mind, body and soul. Bodies of water have a long history of symbolizing sacred space for transcendence and altered states of consciousness. Water is a great transporter; it can transport prayers and energies too. When we drink water which is energised with prayer it not only helps in reliving issues from physical level but also uplifts our soul and helps in spiritual advancement.

Water and it’s cleansing properties
Water not only has healing properties but also cleansing properties. It not only cleans the body but also the mind. Adding salt to water makes it a very effective cleaning tool to clear the aura and energy. Salty water is very effective in cleaning crystals removing unwanted energies before charging them. Saltwater is also used for mopping houses and wiping old furniture’s to clear stuck and unwanted energy.

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water,” wrote the anthropologist Loren Eisely. Water is unique. And mysterious. It is the only natural substance found in all three physical states (liquid, solid, and gas) at temperatures normally found on Earth. So, let’s apricate water and enjoy its healing in every sip.

If Orange is your favorite colour

Orange lovers have a need to be surrounded by other people, to be accepted, to be part of a group and to socialize. They are party people or party coincides with them wherever they are. They are forever optimist. These people also like challenges and do their best to solve different issues. Lovers of orange are also good-natured, curious and restless. They live in the moment and focus on what and who is in front of them. They are good motivational speakers. They inspire and influence others, they are problem solvers at heart. Team building is a natural skill for these people because their zest of life exudes positivity and others are naturally drawn to them.

No matter what life throws at them, they never panic or recoil under pressure rather they take everything in their stride and staunchly believe that something wonderful is surely going to happen.

 Dos and Don’ts with Orange

  • Use Orange when you want to feel brave, spontaneous, outgoing and creative
  • Don’t wear orange for interviews as it will give the impression of you being not being a serious and unprofessional type. 

 Emotional Triggers for Orange Color

  • Friendliness
  • Uplifting
  • Rejuvenating
  • Optimistic
  • Fun

 Interesting facts:

  • Burning Orange color candles helps in cleansing negative attitudes and stimulate more positivity, warmth and energy.
  • Orange stimulates appetite and reduces fatigue
  • Using Orange color in your dressing strengthen sacral chakra which is responsible for enhancing creativity and luxuries of life


What are colors & How do they Define us

Colors are everywhere; we consider color as the prominent feature of how we perceive everything around us. Colors help us distinguish between various objects and we can define the attributes of those objects with the help of colors.

Color psychology, the field that studies color as a determinant of human behavior, is also intensely used in branding, advertising and marketing.

How colors are associated with personality traits

RED is associated with action and energy

BLUE with calmness and peace
YELLOW with cheerfulness and sunshine and so on.

Colors are a nonverbal form of communication which help to understand what message has been conveyed without saying it verbally.

Use of colors in marketing

The brain uses colors to recognize traits about products and the brands that produce them. Researchers have noted links between specific colors and behaviors, like RED, ROYAL BLUE, BLACK and ORANGE connecting easily with impulse buyers. For bargain hunters, the colors of choice are TEAL and NAVY BLUE.

Some of these less obvious color associations make a lot of sense, like PINK, SKY BLUE and other soft colors connecting with traditionally-minded clothing shoppers. Similarly, BROWN’s not a great choice for produce packaging because it makes us think of overripe, rotting fruits and veggies.


We can consider Colors as treat to our eyesight as they signal the brain and influence our personality.

Colors can make us cheerful, happy or sad as they are capable to trigger our emotions.

In fashion, the colors you wear can impact your attitude and your daily lifestyle.

The reason behind colors affecting us so much is that the association of colors is embedded in our DNA and our brain naturally associates colors with specific triggers.

For ex- RED is the color of ACTION and energy because the moment we get tensed, the more rapidly blood flows through our bodies and we tend to become more RED.

GREEN is a calming color because we associate it with NATURE and GREENERY. Being around green soothes our brain.   YELLOW is associated with ENERGY because we associate the color yellow with the sunlight. And sunlight gives energy to all the living beings be it humans or plants or animals…


Some Interesting Facts

We perceive warm colors as being closer to us while cool colors as farther. Same also with lighter colors being near and darker colors being farther.

Colors don’t exist! They’re all in your head. Technically, colors are just results when our brains try to make sense of signals it receives from outside. So all credit goes to our Brain.

Watch out for this space to know some more interesting facts about color in my next blog…

If Green is your favorite colour

Those who love green colour have a special connection to nature. It feeds your soul. For these people, being acknowledged and accepted is a big part of life.

Green lovers tend to be community-oriented, they are usually honest, but would rather keep the peace and stay quiet than getting into an argument. They dislike chaos and strive for consistency and balance.

They don’t like to waste their time and believe that time is precious. Time management is their strength because they are quick in prioritizing. They are environmentally aware and would prefer to involve themselves in community affairs. People admire their clarity and respect a fair outlook towards everything. People who love green have the need for belonging, safety and security at the same time.

Dos and Don’ts with Green

  • Green looks good especially in Rainy season. Wearing Green gives a soothing and relaxing effect. Wear it if you are prone to anxiety
  • Green colour curbs your appetite so it’s not advisable to use Green paints for restaurant businesses.
  • Go Green if you want to lose weight and stay slim.
  • Use Green Color or plants in the North for the growth opportunity

 Emotional Triggers for Green Color

  • Growth
  • Refreshing
  • Balance
  • Hope
  • Reassurance

 Interesting fact:

  • Burn Green color candles if you want to attract abundance and growth. Burning Green candles also stimulates harmony promoting balance between body and mind.
  • Green is associated with healing and balancing so plant trees and take a nature walk if you need to be grounded.
  • Green is the color of the earth element and is a Goddess symbol.

Handwriting & Behavioral Pattern

Writing Helps In Understanding The Behavioural Pattern Of The Person’s Brain?

When we write something using our fingers it activates the neurons present in our fingertips and conveys the message to the brain. When penning down something, it creates neuro pathways and increases the brain’s functioning. Writing is considered equivalent to meditation as it increases neural activity in the brain.

Handwriting Connects With Emotions

Writing a journal is a deep meditative exercise in which your brain surpasses your conscious brain and touches the subconscious part of the brain which has memories in store. Writing helps in connecting to your true emotions and helps to express yourself as if you are talking to any best friend. It is the best excise to enhance creativity and reduce stress and anxiety.
When a person writes something in a joyous state of mind he or she uses an upward stroke or the slant is upward, similarly, if a person is in the sad or depressed mode he automatically writes in a downward stroke or the slant goes downwards. If a person is unwell his or her pen pressure(writing impression can be felt at the back of the page) would be very light. This all comes automatically as Conscious of the brain is only 5% of activity whereas subconscious is 95% of the brain activity. Whenever we are writing we are tapping into our subconscious mind digging into the data it has stored for years and connecting with our emotions and feelings.

How Writing Can Change A Person’s Life

Sometimes people are unaware of their emotions or not in touch with their real selves as they never allow them to come to the surface, but when we write the pen pressure the front styles tell loads about our present state of mind and whether they are truly happy or not. There are 3 main Slants in handwriting that help in understanding which side of the brain is more dominating. If the slant is left person’s emotions are stuck in past, these people expect others to understand their feeling and emotions without telling them. If the slant is towards the right they have a futuristic approach to life and express their emotions when required. If a person has a vertical slant they are a very controlled person, they have head over heart, are Independent responsible and logical. The size of the front projects the confidence of the person generally it is considered people have a large font size and found of the limelight but they miss out on small details very small front people are less communicative but they are good observant, Baseline in the handwriting represents the focus and Goal orientation.
The Study of handwriting is termed Graphology which tries to understand the graphs created by your subconscious brain conveying what message about the personality, character and mental functioning of the person.
Getting a Handwriting analysis done will help in understanding the equation between your conscious brain and subconscious brain and improvising on your graph pattern will help in advancing and achieving your desired health, happiness and success.

If Purple is your favorite colour

People who love Purple colour are open-minded people who believe everyone has potential and everyone can do their best. For them spirituality, intuition and sense of belonging are highly important.

People who like purple are often interested in humanities, culture and like to be civilized. Lovers of purple are putting a big accent on emotion, order and perfection. They like humanitarian projects, nobility but also to be interesting and witty, as well as creative and caring. They love royalty and are ambitious. These people listen to their inner voice as for them the gut feel is more important as they would have experienced it many a time. Their creativity is contagious and it helps them to be people magnet and promote teamwork. They come up with the ideas and delegate the details. They love to be unique. They are a perfectionist who requires emotional security.  

 Dos and Don’ts with Purple

  • Use Purple when you want to enhance your psychic abilities or intuition power.
  • Avoid using too much of purple as it evokes gloom and sad feeling and causes frustration

 Emotional Triggers for Purple Color

  • Royalty
  • Individuality
  • Spirituality
  • Creativity
  • Quality

Interesting facts:

  • Survey taken have shown that ¾ of children prefer purple color
  • Purple is mostly used in marketing toys to children
  • Burn purple candle to connect to your intuition and enhance your psychic abilities
  • You can also burn purple candles and meditate on it if you are looking for creative ideas.
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