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My first brush with this science was when I was in 7th Grade when I had picked up a book on Palmistry in one of the book fairs. However I found it quite interesting even then. Professionally I have been an advertising and communication professional throughout and have worked couple of years in the industry. As I was naturally inclined towards Occult mysteries I kept learning these sciences. I always loved to help friends and relatives in solving their issues with whatever little knowledge I had. However the urge to know more always kept burning inside me. Later I studied subjects and did energy workshops and meditation. I combine astrology with numerology and vastu to help people find solutions. As Reiki Grandmaster, I use energy healing and also seek guidance through Tarot cards reading and dowsing; to help find answers. Over 10 years, I have helped many Individuals and Business Owners for various aspects of life like health, wealth, job, career, sickness, marital issues and material success. I like to advise all without any bias regarding the social strata and like to keep the solutions simple. I am committed to reinstate peace, harmony and happiness in every house and commercial space, no matter how huge the challenges might be.



  • To serve people by providing professional Astrological guidance and empower them so that they can effectively manage and overcome challenging situations.
  • To eradicate and break the myths about Astrological Science and its functioning in your life with logical implication of science involved in it.




  • To be a trusted friend/ advisor/consultant in creating a better life for people
  • To be able to pull them out of fear, insecurities, heartaches, adversities and hard times through simple and practical Astrological solutions
  • To bring back the smile and sunshine in individuals life.
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