About Me

Embark on a transformative journey with astrology, numerology, and vastu as your guiding stars on the path to self-discovery and harmonious living. My fascination with these profound sciences began in 7th Grade when I discovered a captivating book on Palmistry at a book fair. Despite my youth, I found it intriguing, sparking a passion that has since shaped my professional journey.
As an advertising and communication professional with years of industry experience, I naturally gravitated towards the mysteries of the occult. This inclination led me to explore various facets of astrology, numerology, and vastu, continually seeking to expand my knowledge. In my quest for understanding, I delved into subjects, participated in energy workshops, and embraced meditation.
Now armed with a diverse skill set, I seamlessly blend astrology, numerology, and vastu to offer holistic solutions to individuals and businesses. As a Reiki Grandmaster, I leverage the power of energy healing. Additionally, I seek guidance through Tarot card reading and dowsing to provide comprehensive answers.



  • To serve people by providing professional Astrological guidance and empower them so that they can effectively manage and overcome challenging situations.
  • To eradicate and break the myths about Astrological Science and its functioning in your life with logical implication of science involved in it.




  • To be a trusted friend/ advisor/consultant in creating a better life for people
  • To be able to pull them out of fear, insecurities, heartaches, adversities and hard times through simple and practical Astrological solutions
  • To bring back the smile and sunshine in individuals life.
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