A Feng Shui Home or a Vastu Home? See Which Philosophy Is Right For You

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March 1, 2023

If you feel your home could use an energy overhaul, perhaps a feng shui home refresh is in order. Or maybe a vastu update?  Both philosophies offer advice for improving the energy flow, though there are also notable differences between the two practices. So which is right for you—feng shui or vastu?

Feng shui focuses on the free flow of qi [energy] in a space,” says Manasi Thakkur, a Mumbai-based astro-vastu counselor who combines both modalities when working with clients. An ancient Chinese philosophy, the practice involves the arrangement of furniture, decor, and layout to best promote positive energy in a space. Vastu, on the other hand, is a traditional Indian architectural doctrine based on historical texts that outline best practices when constructing and designing buildings. “Vastu focuses on the alignment of a building with the forces of nature,”

With that, consider this checklist to figure out whether you should adopt feng shui, vastu, or use a blend of both. “It all depends on the need, requirement, and feasibility of the client,” Thakkur says. Ultimately, use these suggestions as a guide. Remember the most important factor is creating a home that looks—and feels—good to you, and only you. Here, some insight to get you started.

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