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Astro Vastu Analysis

The word Vastu means dwell and Vidya means science. So Vastu is a science related to designing and building houses.Vastu means to restore balance between the home which is the microcosm and the cosmos that is the macrocosm, working with the principal of balancing 5 elements (Earth , Water, Air ,Fire and Space)bringing health, wealth and happiness. When Astrology and Vastu are combined and applied, it becomes Astro-Vastu and helps one in having own favorable personal space for overall success and growth of native. Alone Vastu analysis is not sufficient in understanding the issues in a person’s life. We need to analyze individual astrological chart and placement of influencing planets to give remedies.

Planets in the Chart decide if the person is going to stay near cremation ground, Hospital or Temple. And these places near your house affect the lives of all the members staying in that house. Because it’s not only the house but its surrounding too that affects the health, wealth and happiness of the person.

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Vastu, derived from “dwell” and “science,” is a science related to designing and building houses. It aims to restore balance between the microcosm of the home and the macrocosm of the cosmos. Working with the principles of balancing the five elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Space), Vastu is believed to bring health, wealth, and happiness to the occupants.

Astro-Vastu is the combination of Astrology and Vastu, creating a favorable personal space for overall success and growth. By analyzing both Vastu principles and individual astrological charts, it aims to provide remedies that align with the influences of celestial bodies, fostering a harmonious living environment.

Vastu analysis alone may not fully comprehend the complexities of life issues. Integrating astrology into the analysis allows for a more comprehensive understanding, considering the influence of planetary positions on an individual’s life and providing targeted remedies.

Planets in the astrological chart play a crucial role in determining the surroundings of a house. They influence whether the person is likely to stay near a cremation ground, hospital, or temple. These nearby places have a direct impact on the lives of house occupants, affecting health, wealth, and overall happiness.

Surroundings play a significant role in Vastu, as they contribute to the overall well-being of individuals. It’s not only the house but also its surroundings that influence health, wealth, and happiness. Understanding and harmonizing these external factors are integral to creating a balanced and prosperous living space.

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