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April 19, 2021

Cosmic energy also known as life force, prana, Shakti, super-consciousness, higher consciousness, or supreme consciousness, chi, energy is non destructible source of energy present all around us in the entire universe flowing uninterruptable day and night. Cosmic energy is the purest form of energy. It is transparent and it doesn’t have any color of its own. Cosmic Energy is responsible for maintaining order and balance throughout the Cosmos as well as individual life.  But it is highly essential for living beings to tap into this energy to attain what we desire. However, how much we tap into our system depends on the fully functional chakra system.

Cosmic Energy heals and improves our mind, body, and spirit.When we are connected with it, it helps in boosting our intellect and intuition.

Chakra system and Auric Field of Human Body

Human body has 72000 Nadis and 114 chakra out of which 7 are main chakras which are connected with the Endocrine Glands and governs its functions. Nadis are the pathway for life energies and chakras are purification and distribution centers in our body.

Aura is connected to the 7 energy centers of the body or the chakras, and is comprised of 7 different layers. These auric layers are

1st layer of etheric body

2nd emotional body

3rd mental body

4th astral body

5th etheric template body

6th celestial body

7th ketheric body

Lack of energy flow in chakra can affect the physical, mental spiritual and psychological and emotional health of the individual.

Brief description about seven Chakras and organs it influences

1st Chakra Root (located base of spine in tailbone area) Organs influencing – kidneys and spine

2nd Chakra Sacral (located lower abdomen) Organs influencing – Bladder, prostate, ovaries, kidneys, gall bladder, bowel, spleen

3rd Chakra Solar Plexus­(located upper abdomen) Organs influencing — Intestines, pancreas, liver, bladder, stomach, upper spine

4th Chakra Heart (located center of chest) Organs influencing — Heart, lungs

5th Chakra Throat (located throat) Organs influencing – Bronchial tubes, vocal cords, respiratory system, all areas of the mouth, including tongue and esophagus.

6th Chakra Third Eye(located forehead between eyebrows) Organs influencing — Eyes, pituitary and pineal glands, brain

7th Chakra Crown (located very top of head) Organs influencing — Spinal cord and brain stem

Energy Healing Modalities Such as Reiki,Pranic Healing, Yoga, Breathing Technique (Pranayama), Mantra Chanting , Exercises, mudras and Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT tapping)are some of the techniques to  enhance the this cosmic energy into our system and maintain the high level of life force which will help in manifestation of desires.

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