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December 12, 2021

Colors are everywhere; we consider color as the prominent feature of how we perceive everything around us. Colors help us distinguish between various objects and we can define the attributes of those objects with the help of colors.

Color psychology, the field that studies color as a determinant of human behavior, is also intensely used in branding, advertising and marketing.

How colors are associated with personality traits

RED is associated with action and energy

BLUE with calmness and peace
YELLOW with cheerfulness and sunshine and so on.

Colors are a nonverbal form of communication which help to understand what message has been conveyed without saying it verbally.

Use of colors in marketing

The brain uses colors to recognize traits about products and the brands that produce them. Researchers have noted links between specific colors and behaviors, like RED, ROYAL BLUE, BLACK and ORANGE connecting easily with impulse buyers. For bargain hunters, the colors of choice are TEAL and NAVY BLUE.

Some of these less obvious color associations make a lot of sense, like PINK, SKY BLUE and other soft colors connecting with traditionally-minded clothing shoppers. Similarly, BROWN’s not a great choice for produce packaging because it makes us think of overripe, rotting fruits and veggies.


We can consider Colors as treat to our eyesight as they signal the brain and influence our personality.

Colors can make us cheerful, happy or sad as they are capable to trigger our emotions.

In fashion, the colors you wear can impact your attitude and your daily lifestyle.

The reason behind colors affecting us so much is that the association of colors is embedded in our DNA and our brain naturally associates colors with specific triggers.

For ex- RED is the color of ACTION and energy because the moment we get tensed, the more rapidly blood flows through our bodies and we tend to become more RED.

GREEN is a calming color because we associate it with NATURE and GREENERY. Being around green soothes our brain.   YELLOW is associated with ENERGY because we associate the color yellow with the sunlight. And sunlight gives energy to all the living beings be it humans or plants or animals…


Some Interesting Facts

We perceive warm colors as being closer to us while cool colors as farther. Same also with lighter colors being near and darker colors being farther.

Colors don’t exist! They’re all in your head. Technically, colors are just results when our brains try to make sense of signals it receives from outside. So all credit goes to our Brain.

Watch out for this space to know some more interesting facts about color in my next blog…

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