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October 23, 2021

Writing Helps In Understanding The Behavioural Pattern Of The Person’s Brain?

When we write something using our fingers it activates the neurons present in our fingertips and conveys the message to the brain. When penning down something, it creates neuro pathways and increases the brain’s functioning. Writing is considered equivalent to meditation as it increases neural activity in the brain.

Handwriting Connects With Emotions

Writing a journal is a deep meditative exercise in which your brain surpasses your conscious brain and touches the subconscious part of the brain which has memories in store. Writing helps in connecting to your true emotions and helps to express yourself as if you are talking to any best friend. It is the best excise to enhance creativity and reduce stress and anxiety.
When a person writes something in a joyous state of mind he or she uses an upward stroke or the slant is upward, similarly, if a person is in the sad or depressed mode he automatically writes in a downward stroke or the slant goes downwards. If a person is unwell his or her pen pressure(writing impression can be felt at the back of the page) would be very light. This all comes automatically as Conscious of the brain is only 5% of activity whereas subconscious is 95% of the brain activity. Whenever we are writing we are tapping into our subconscious mind digging into the data it has stored for years and connecting with our emotions and feelings.

How Writing Can Change A Person’s Life

Sometimes people are unaware of their emotions or not in touch with their real selves as they never allow them to come to the surface, but when we write the pen pressure the front styles tell loads about our present state of mind and whether they are truly happy or not. There are 3 main Slants in handwriting that help in understanding which side of the brain is more dominating. If the slant is left person’s emotions are stuck in past, these people expect others to understand their feeling and emotions without telling them. If the slant is towards the right they have a futuristic approach to life and express their emotions when required. If a person has a vertical slant they are a very controlled person, they have head over heart, are Independent responsible and logical. The size of the front projects the confidence of the person generally it is considered people have a large font size and found of the limelight but they miss out on small details very small front people are less communicative but they are good observant, Baseline in the handwriting represents the focus and Goal orientation.
The Study of handwriting is termed Graphology which tries to understand the graphs created by your subconscious brain conveying what message about the personality, character and mental functioning of the person.
Getting a Handwriting analysis done will help in understanding the equation between your conscious brain and subconscious brain and improvising on your graph pattern will help in advancing and achieving your desired health, happiness and success.

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