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July 19, 2021

Embracing your inner darkness

Every Individual has different personality traits.Some are considered Good traits and widely acceptable in the society. Some are considered Dark personality traits;they are present in every person but it is very difficult to realize them within oneself as they are often being suppressed and not accepted openly.

Good traits like Honesty, Loyalty, Kindness, Compassion are some of them.

Traits which are taken in negative sense are like Anger, Envy, Jealousy, Fear,  Rageand Lust etc.

But the fact is that we all have demons inside us. Every day, we fight against them – sometimes we lose, sometimes we win. Anything that we don’t want to admit as belonging to “us”, we stuff in the shadow self.

Psychiatrist Carl Jung described “the shadow self” as the site of repressed desires, emotions and impulses hidden from our conscious awareness. Shadow work involves bringing these unconscious desires to the forefront so we can better understand them, heal them and integrate them in a healthy way to bring positive change in our lives.

To have a shadow is normal.

Deepak Chopra says: “In order to have manifestation you need to have opposing energies. All experiencesare the result of contrast. ”

Shadow work will prevents these things from happening:

  • Social anxiety
  • Incredibly deviant sexual behaviour
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Uncontrollable anger
  • Arrogance and haughtiness
  • Problems getting along with people
  • Tendency of being negative or anxious

Emotions are energy in motion and they should never be ignored or swept under the rug. They should be validated, heard and honoured. You should be able to seek support to heal anything that needs to be healed in order to move gracefully in life without aches and pain. The fears we have imbedded in our souls like hurts of our childhood which we nurture knowingly or unknowingly, lack of conviction due to our past experiences, fear of being judged if we reveal our true identity.

Debbie Ford says “every time you embrace a shadow, you open up a new pathway for your life.” … “Denying our shadow side only leads to more pain, suffering, regret, and resignation. We all are unique and gifted with unique talents

Steps to work on shadow self

You can choose one or a combination of all these modalities. They will help you to understand what self-sabotaging beliefs you are carrying from your childhood or past life impressions. They will guide you to work upon it and transform this dark side into positive.

Believe you are unique and worthy of what you desire.

Affirmation: “I am enough. I am worthy of everything and anything I desire. I am deserving. I deserve all good things in my life. I embrace all good things coming to me right now. I allow all miracles to enter my life.

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